How to Become a Real Estate Paralegal

For students who are wondering how to become a real estate paralegal, they should begin by trying to learn as much as possible about the real estate profession. By understanding the real estate profession, a student can become familiar with the legal processes required for closing on the purchase of a home and engaging in a real estate transaction for the purchase of a home.

Obtaining a Paralegal Certification

One can pursue the road to becoming a real estate paralegal in a variety of ways. Most law firms will require that a person have a paralegal certification. The typical paralegal certification program will take two to four years to complete. A paralegal certification program may also be completed with a specialty, such as real estate. One can decide to pursue a paralegal education at a local community college or a statewide university. A student should check and see whether his or her college of interest actually offers a paralegal certification program.

Taking Online Courses

One may also obtain a real estate paralegal certification by taking online courses. An online program can work well for people who already work full-time or part-time and want to obtain a certification in their spare time. Online courses offer a flexibility in scheduling that can not be accomplished with a college program.

Obtaining a College Degree

To become a real estate paralegal, one can obtain a four-year degree from a college as well. Some law firms hire paralegals who have a four-year degree in real estate or in pre-law studies. One should see what the typical requirements of paralegals are for the law firms that he or she wants to work at.

Finding Scholarships

Real estate paralegals may be able to qualify for scholarships from law firms in the local area. Many law firms now encourage college students to obtain a paralegal certification and will offer scholarships in furtherance of this goal.

Responsibilities of a Real Estate Paralegal

A real estate paralegal typically handles research in regards to the titles of homes. A real estate paralegal also holds tremendous responsibility. A paralegal may also draft conveyance agreements and license agreements. A paralegal may also be responsible for handling lease disputes.